Saturday, February 4, 2017


I bought a $145 Surf City Half Marathon entry.

I’ve been flattened by fever, chills, headache, ETC.
Last time I was sick was….so far back I can’t remember. 
So, bad timing collided with a 13.1 mile race effort. 

Yeah, I signed their disclaimer. 

However, as I wrote them, I’ve run five Surf Cities, formerly Huntington Beach Half marathons. I’ve placed in the top three every single time, first place, twice.

Wouldn’t you call that a loyal competitor? Even a serious competitor? 

And why wouldn’t they, at the very least, transfer the $145 fee to next year’s race? Nope.

It would make goodwill for their organization if they would step forward with some refund of their exorbitant $145 fee. 

They don’t care and I don’t care for them. 

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