Monday, October 6, 2014


Giving a party, cleaning up the yard, planting where there’s dirt, buying margarita mix, buying tequila, cleaning up the house, buying more margarita mix, supplementing the tequila, cleaning up the side yard, ordering to the taco wagon—-ETC.

Well, I didn’t set foot in the gym for a few weeks. I kept on running, hiking, walking but I hurt all over. Mainly my back hurt, my butt hurt when I sat, my knees creaked, my wrist was more painful than usual. 

“I’M A MESS,” I told my husband. 

I’m usually the healthy one in the family. I’m always pain-free. But I wasn’t. 

Party’s happened, loved the evening. 

Post party, I’m back to the gym about five days out of seven.

Stiff as a board my first time, I could barely touch my toes. 

Ouch! ouch! ouch!!! I said as I tried the a runner’s lunge.

I usually bench press forty pounds, two sets of 15. Had to drop down to twelve.

Hey, I’m acting my age, seventy, I said to myself. 

After two weeks at the gym, I can lift, have added reps, CAN BEND, and here’s the biggest eye-opener: NOTHING HURTS.

Somehow, that old combination of weights and stretching breaks up the pain spots.

My back doesn’t hurt when I wake up

So, all those people on pills, those 70-year-olds with rheumatism, those arthritis sufferers who take pain relievers all  day—————Do you think there’s a chance they could solve some of the hurting without medication? 

Could showing up at the gym for a stretch and some weight training, take them to the next level of painless existence?

I think so.