Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My First Coach helps with a WIN!

1st place oc marathon dec 8 05

1. work out with a pace group. I could not keep up with the 10 minute pace group members during any work out. I started at 14 and thought i was going to die on that first run. I had fallen on my left knee the day after I got out of physical therapy for an earlier fall on that knee, so, I did not start serious training for the marathon until about 6 weeks before. I was not ever successful on any work-out. I wasalways the last on in. I did not know whether i’d run the marathon or the half up until a few days before.

Usually I do my own training (several 20’s at a slow pace.) this time, i did sumner’s training with only one 18 mile run and no 20 or 20 plus. His runs went 14 16 18 12 8 6. I did not think I was prepared. As it turns out, maybe i overtrain and wear myself out.

2. I listened to the serious runners

a. I listened to Juan and ate half a steak 2 days before

b. I figured out on my own to relax my shoulders during the run

c. I listened to Hiroko and shook my feet a little to prevent foot pain

d. I listened to John and went out at a 10 minute pace and maintained pace throughout...also, “glide down the hills.”

3. I ate a lot of salmon including lox for the salt in the week before

4. I hydrated the days before

5. morning of, ate a scrambled egg, piece of toast, orange, half a banana

6. ran in 81/2 shoes with big arch supports and pads in the ball of the foot

7. Race day, stayed behind the 10 min group because I didn’t like the chatter, but i gave over my pace to them and did not beat myself up for being so slow or not passing some runner i spotted ahead. Staying at a pace is very powerful in itself.

8. During the race i thought, don’t waste energy tensing up the shoulders, ankles, etc. I raised my arms, stretched them behind me, relaxed my fingers, changed my step by pushing off at the toes, by shaking at the ankles.

9. I pictured my inner guide at a spot where my third eye is. The force pulled me forward, I didn’t have to try.

10. I dedicated the race to Sharon and his recovery to relax and see years of peace and prosperity in Israel

11. Ran two times at 7000 feet in the mountains ten days prior.

12. Gave myself the message during the marathon, “At this pace I can run forever.”

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